Stroller Organizer Bag (Black) with Universal Handlebar Fit

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  • When your kiddo collection stroller organizer arrives, simply slide it out of the box and secure it to your stroller in seconds.
  • The internal wire frame of the bag makes the organizer very sturdy and easily collapsible.  For ease of use, the organizer bag does not need to be removed for stroller storage as it does not interfere with the collapsing or folding of the stroller itself.
  • The bag (without its straps) measures 13″ wide x 6.5″ tall x 4″ deep.  Your stroller organizer bag will fit a strollers with a handle bar width of 13″-21″ wide.  The design offers a universal Velcro fit and adjusts to different angles and widths of handlebars with ease.
  • For your convenience, the bag features 2 extra tall insulated cup holders for easy access to your favorite beverage or that of your child.  Center console features a strong and quiet magnetic closure to keep baby’s belongings secure. And the 3 front pockets offer easy access to your cell phone, keys, and other necessities.
  • Buy one now and don’t forget to buy another one as a shower or baby gift!

Organize your stroller travels with one simple purchase–this kiddo collection Stroller Organizer.

  1. Premium material has a small checkered pattern making it resistant to tears.
  2. Two separate insulated beverage cups allow you to keep 2 individual beverages warm or cold. While extra deep cup holders keep your drinks secure.Flexible and generously sized cup holders will fit many sizes of bottles and containers.
  3. Strong Velcro makes for easy attachment and removal of the Stroller Organizer.
  4. Center compartment offers even more extra storage and is complete with a quiet magnetic closure.
  5. Neutral black design matches all strollers and is gender neutral as well.
  6. The internal metal ring allow the bag to be easily collapsed. No need to remove the bag for stroller storage. This bag was designed with parents in mind. Ease and simplicity were a huge priority. So much of the parenting world is difficult and complicated, this does not need to be.

Will this fit my stroller?

To determine if this will fit your stroller, please measure the distance between the handles of your stroller. If this distance is between 13″ and 21″ this organizer should securely fit your stroller. If you buy it and it does not fit your stroller please feel free to return it for a full refund.

This Stroller Organizer Bag was designed to have a universal fit. And will easily attach to most brands of Joggers, Umbrella, and Single Push Strollers.

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