Teeth Whitening Kit by Beitipo

Yellowing Teeth?  Brown stains from smoking?  We have you covered.

This At Home Whitening Kits delivers professional results at a fraction of the cost of dental whitenings.

  • Kit includes enough gel for 10+ applications, plus you also get a On-The-Go Whitening Pen for easy travels.
  • LED light is also provided for accelerated whitening.
  • Our extra think no-boil Mouth Trays are the best in the industry.  No need to boil water, burn yourself, and still not have a good fit.  Our mouth trays fit snugly in your mouth straight out of the package.
  • Also includes samples of our Teeth Cleaning Wipes and our Aloe and Vitamin E Cotton Swabs.
  • This is an All Inclusive Kit.  Great for starter kits and makes a great gift.

Click here to order our Beitipo Deluxe Teeth Whitening System Here on Amazon.

Learn how to use our Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit.

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