Foam Edge Protector and Corner Bumper Guards |Extra Long- 5 meters (16.4 feet) |Plus 4 Pre-made Corners|Perfect for Childproofing Tables, Furniture, and Countertops with Extra Thick, Non-toxic, Safety Edging Material

kiddo korners - 4 Corners and 5 Meters of Foam Edging

  • Protect your children from unnecessary accidents with this extra thick, high quality edge protector in a value pack.
  • Foam is naturally fire retardant, non-toxic, and latex free for your peace of mind.
  • Package includes 5 meters (16.4 feet) of V-Shaped foam edge protector, 4 matching corner protectors, 10 meters of 3M double sided tape, and 16 pieces of pre-cut 3M double sided tape for corner pieces.
  • Removable and reusable. Multiple childproofing uses. Use on tables, countertops, doorways, bookshelves, fireplaces and much more. Works best on smooth surfaces.
  • Foam can be easily trimmed with a scissors to complete your custom project.
  • Perfect for daycares, schools, nursing homes, assisted living, home, and other places where falls are common.

Our Extra Thick Bumper Edge Protector will help take away some of the impact from falls onto sharp edges and corners around your home. Childproofing your home with kiddo korners Foam Edge Protector can reduce the risk of unnecessary bumps, bruises, and other boo-boos. Give yourself some peace of mind by taking the necessary steps to make your home more child friendly.

Other Creative Usage Ideas:

Use on child craft tables for corner safety and to prevent art supplies from rolling off the table and prevent spilled liquids from quickly reaching the floor.

Use on bookshelves to prevent multiple books from falling off the shelves when children are selecting books.

Use left over pieces and trimmings on doors to prevent little fingers from being slammed in them.

Easy Installation:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface that the edge protector will be adhered to and allow to dry completely.
  2. First apply the corners (if using).   Do this by removing one side of the double sided (pre-cut) tape for the corner guard and secure it to the flat side of the V-shaped corner piece, repeat for the other flat sides of the V (using 4 pieces of tape per corner piece). Once you are ready to apply the corner guard to the surface, remove other side of the tape and carefully position to corner and push firmly to make good contact.  Repeat for each corner.
  3. Then measure the distance between the 2 corner guards.  Then trim the edge protector to fit your application (dry fit).  Remember measure twice – cut once.
  4. When all of your pieces are cut, peel one side and expose about 1 inch of the double sided tape.  Press this tape end firmly onto the end of the pre-trimmed edge protector.  Continue exposing the tape a little at a time and pressing firmly onto the edging.  Continue until the entire edging has double sided tape adhered to it.  Repeat this step on the opposite flat side of the edging.
  5. When you are ready to add the edge protector to the surface, carefully remove the other side of the tape on both flat sides of the edging.  Starting at the corner slowly position the foam in place and push down firmly.  Continue to push down a few inches at a time until the entire edging is completed.
  6. Repeat this process on each side of the edge protector foam with the roll of 3M tape provided.


  • Do not use this in any unsupervised areas.  Do not use of cribs.  Not to be used as a teether.
  • Do not use double sided tape on any surface that has a weak or damageable surface.  Always test in a inconspicuous spot first.

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